Central conflict: The X-Men vs. The Vanisher Fictional Film listed on theater marquee in a background: “A Teen-Ager’s Tears.”

Fresh from their initial victory, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Angel aren’t short on pride or teenage superheated enthusiasm for everything. Whether they’re bickering, rescuing construction workers from a falling…

Central conflict: X-Men vs. Magneto Biggest surprise: Xavier a dick.

“Attention X-Men! This is Professor Xavier calling! Repeat: This is Professor X calling! You are ordered to appear at once! Class is now in session! Tardiness will be punished!”

In the first issue of The X-Men we witness the training…

Like hardcore drug use and street gang membership, the practice of comic book reading is a culthood into which you are inducted, always, by someone close to you. My recruiting officer was Chad Easton, pitcher on my fourth grade little league team. We knew each other from baseball but had…

Lane Talbot

Notable fiction in Best American Mystery Stories, published in Berkeley Fiction Review, ThugLit, Able Muse and elsewhere.

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